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CLAAS CROP SENSOR - Excellent service and support

You turn it on, it works. Simple.

M H Poskitt Ltd have seen both considerable agronomic and cost benefits since changing to a liquid fertiliser based system two years ago, with application rates determined using a CLAAS CROP SENSOR.

The company has been using roof mounted crop sensing technology for quite a few years, but made the change to the front-mounted CROP SENSOR following the decision to completely change over to liquid fertiliser.

Due to the wide range of crops that we grow and area we cover, logistically liquid fertiliser is far easier. It involves far less handling, allows us to apply fertiliser in more difficult conditions than would be possible with granular fertiliser, and application is far more accurate, especially at the crop edges compared to a headland disc.

We decided to change from the roof-mounted system to a front- mounted sensor because personally I feel that having the sensor further in front, it gives the system more time to react. Also being vertically over the crop and closer to it, it is more accurate and it will read over a broader spectrum.

I chose the CLAAS CROP SENSOR on account of the excellent service and support we get from SEWARD, who are fantastic and the back-up from Agrovista, both of whom we know and work with. You have two of the biggest players in agriculture backing it up.

Richard Watson

Arable Manager

M H Poskitt Ltd

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