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Post Harvest Servicing

Harvesting machinery in particular is subject to continual high stresses over a fixed period.  To ensure that your machinery works reliably throughout its working life, it is important that it is serviced regularly and that wearing parts are replaced.

With our CLAAS EASTERN post-harvest check, the early stages of wear can be determined and concealed damage detected.

All the component parts of your machinery, such as the operator's platform, electrics, drives and engine, will be checked point by point for condition, leak-tightness and functionality according to the service checklist. This allows the current condition of the machine to be determined and documented in the post-harvest check log.

This is an ideal basis for a cost estimate for any repairs that may be necessary, and for concluding a MAXI CARE contract.

Benefts to you include:

  • The current machine condition is determined by the CLAAS service partner, using the structured post-harvest/ annual check log
  • Documentation in the post-harvest/ annual check booklet and service log of your machine
  • Basis of cost estimate for necessary repairs
  • Ideal basis for CLAAS MAXI CARE service agreements

Call your local service manager today for more details.

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