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Our Parts Managers

We offer our customers a vast range of parts for the full line up of CLAAS machinery and also for our key franchise products from Horsch, Lemken and Samson.

The use of CLAAS ORIGINAL spare parts, fitted by qualified service technicians is your guarantee of maximum operational reliability

We offer fast availability of CLAAS, LEMKEN SAMSON, HORSCH and KRM parts stock together with access to many common parts, tools and accessories from most European manufacturers through CLAAS FARM PARTS and our group buying power can result in excellent deals and pre-ordering 30 days or more in advance or order out-of-season will give you even greater cost benefits.

CLAAS EASTERN can offer the very best prices with for example market beating oil prices, AdBlue prices and lubrication deals, simply speak to our Parts Managers today for the best advice .

Our experienced Parts Managers are here to help.  Call your local branch to discuss your Parts requirements.

Sleaford Mel Barber 07974 231035
Brigg Philip Dent 07974 231053
Catfoss Chris Burton 07771 372968
Markham Moor Russell Down 07974 231060
Sinderby Mike Sellars 07771 372967
Ulceby Cross Guy Willey 07974 231054
Wilberfoss David Coulter 07771 372966


After Sales Director


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